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Listen to me on Imperial College’s Podcast MBA Women #7: The Future of AI in Finance

Listen to my appearance on BBC’s The real Story, discussing Cryptocurrencies: Fad or the future? here

Feb 23rd 2021 – Chatham House AI for Health Event

Fri 26th Feb 2021 – International Women in Business


Countries such as Australia and Brazil have announced their CBDC pilot programs.

Will CBDCs take a starring role this year? 💴

Here's what our guest from seasons 1 and 2 thinks.

@API_Economics s1e3
@will_harborne s2 e3
@jacobgoldstein s2 e7

What about the nurturing role of men? Can we stop being so #sexist and assuming that men are incapable of being nurturing? #StopTheCrap

A very useful read on #Blockchain technology published in #UNOChronicle written by Cathy Mulligan @API_Economics

Teaching (even on a Saturday and Sunday!) is such a rewarding experience. Thanks to the fantastic students at Imperial College Business School, who were on stream one of Digital Transformation Leading Real-World Change. In this elective, the students get…

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