This page captures some of my non-academic publications on digital
technologies, digital economics, sustainability.


World Economic Forum - Data-driven Economies: Foundations for Our Common Future

This White Paper recommends creating new data governance models that combine data from various origins, including personal, commercial and/or government sources. It highlights use cases from industries and jurisdictions around the world to illustrate the possibilities data sharing unlocks for multiple stakeholders and the public good. It discusses the Data for Common Purpose Initiative approach to enabling these data-sharing scenarios on a broader scale, the underlying technology to support them and some foundational considerations for success. The initiative aims to find ways to exchange data assets for the common good, while protecting individual parties’ rights and the equitable allocation of risks and rewards.

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5G Core Networks

5G Core Networks: Powering Digitalization provides an overview of the 5G Core network architecture, as well as giving descriptions of cloud technologies and the key concepts in the 3GPP rel-15/16 specifications.

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Amazon Author page

I have published 7 books on technologies covering 5G through the economics of the digital economy – all are available through Amazon as well as other good bookstores.

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UN Chronicle -
Blockchain and Sustainable Growth

We are at a unique moment in history: our society is in transition from an industrial economy to one defined by a new set of technologies, ranging from digitalization to nanotechnology. Among the latest waves of digitalization is blockchain—a technology that many say promises to redefine trust, transparency and inclusion across the world. Blockchain, however, is a relatively immature technology and can create as many problems as it solves. What it has offered so far is a series of key insights into emerging technologies and how we can approach them in a rapidly changing world.

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Bosch Stiftung - Tackling Digital Inequality Together

2020 has been a watershed year as global digital inequality has been placed into stark relief. Due to Covid-19, millions of children are missing out on school: others are being taught digitally. Similarly, a dramatic line has been drawn between those who can work remotely and those who cannot. Previously, digital exclusion was often viewed as something that could be put off for later, but the last few months have illustrated that digital inequality is real and an issue in nearly every nation in the world.

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World Economic Forum – Blockchain Beyond the Hype

There has been an overwhelming amount of hype surrounding blockchain over the past year. It has been proposed as a solution to such a dizzying array of problems and industries that it is increasingly difficult to keep up, let alone develop a reasoned and sensible approach to the technology.

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Blackett Review on Blockchain

This report sets out the findings of a review exploring how distributed ledger technology can revolutionise services, both in government and the private sector.

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